Spurs v Southampton Preview

Short preview this week as I’ve been focussing on my end of season piece.

It’s the last home game of the season and I’ve got a golden ticket. For once that’s relevant. I give pundits and the media a lot of hassle for talking constantly about passion, belief, leadership, etc. and ignoring the tactical aspects of the game but I will side with them on this occasion. Monday’s game, the result and the antics, was a huge blow to the club – players, staff and fans – and a morale lift is vital to seeing out the season well and securing second place.
Across all the official, and even some unofficial, channels Tottenham have been very overt in trying to push the big occasion. Reminding us of the incredible season that we’ve had and even encouraging us to bring flags. The White Hart Lane atmosphere this season has been fantastic. I get emotional every time I think of the 15 minute rendition of Park Lane/Shelf Side at the Fiorentina game or singing the team off the pitch after being demolished by Dortmund.

Despite knocks to Rose and Alderweireld, Bentaleb is our only injury. Dembele and Alli are our two suspensions so Mason will take that the spot alongside Dier and Son, or maybe Chadli will play off of Kane and onto the left.
Southampton could be tempted to switch to the 3/5 at the back system they’ve used at times this season as we’ve struggled against teams playing this shape but I think it was reliant on Pelle who has mysteriously vanished from the first team without suspension, injury or lack of form.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 17.02.56

Even when not in their alternate shape their play this season has been very reliant on crosses into Pelle which made very frustrating viewing when cheering them on against Leicester a few weeks ago.

Without Pelle their main route to goal is by utilising the pace and endless running of Long and Mane. Aside from pressing so well that they fail to get the ball forward our best defence against Long and Mane running on to balls over our high-line defence is Lloris sweeping. While Lloris’ sweeping can be dangerous it’s also really exciting and moments like Lloris winning the ball outside his box are the ones that can get the crowd going and give the team that much needed boost.

Come On You Spurs!


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