Why Is Everyone Playing Three At The Back Now?

this article is formatted for web browser & is a total mess on tablet/phone. sorry The three-man backline hasn’t returned because it never truly went away. Always in use by one team or another, always an option in emergency. Instead, what it has done, is return to prominence at the top; with the Premier League... Continue Reading →

Leicester Without Vardy

Leicester will be without racist shitbag Jamie Vardy for at least one game so I wanted to take a quick, tactical look at the options Ranieri has. Firstly we need to have a glance at their current system. I, like most, was guilty as describing Leicester as playing 442 ahead of their January clashes with... Continue Reading →

Horley Town make use of Nadesan’s Talent

With a gliding pace, height, clever off-the-ball movement and a confident finish Ashley Nadesan is already a well rounded forward but his best attribute in Horley Town's 8-1 thrashing of Chessington was his relationship with Richard Wetton and Leyton Regan. I was a The New Defence on Thursday night to catch Nadesan’s performance in a... Continue Reading →

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