Gareth Southgate: Ahead of Schedule


Leicester Without Vardy

Leicester will be without racist shitbag Jamie Vardy for at least one game so I wanted to take a quick, tactical look at the options Ranieri has. Firstly we need to have a glance at their current system. I, like most, was guilty as describing Leicester as playing 442 ahead of their January clashes with... Continue Reading →

Horley Town make use of Nadesan’s Talent

With a gliding pace, height, clever off-the-ball movement and a confident finish Ashley Nadesan is already a well rounded forward but his best attribute in Horley Town's 8-1 thrashing of Chessington was his relationship with Richard Wetton and Leyton Regan. I was a The New Defence on Thursday night to catch Nadesan’s performance in a... Continue Reading →

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